Cultivate a positive attitude and outlook by evaluating your strength, pursuing your passion, and trusting in your ability.

What if you could change this by leaning into your own power?


You will wake up every morning satisfied with your life. Knowing you are a part of something larger. Simply by being yourself and doing what you love and enjoy, you make a difference in the world.

“Helene has been an integral part of our business’s growth thus far.

— Nathalie Ballout

Listen and Learn


If yes, then we can take a deep look into your current process and daily habits. In your personal and professional life, we can explore new ideas, take action, and achieve ground-breaking results.

Make Things Happen with Helene


Helene’s coaching programme will help you make real progress and achieve your highest goals. Together, you will:

  • Break free from limiting beliefs and habits.
  • Step back and see the big picture
  • Know your Vision, Mission, and Core values. 
  • Reclaim your treasures and create new habits in 21 days and you’ll have a Lifestyle change in 90 days.
  • Set yourself free from overwhelm and burnout.
  • Make a powerful, positive impact on yourself and the world.
  • Love your vocation again, plus so much more!

I would recommend Helene as a Business Coach to anyone, and thank her for how she has helped us grow.

Olga Rosenfalck

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What results did you achieve by working with Helene?
“Certainly a stronger sense of who I am on the professional field, in a way that allowed me to recognize what I bring to the table and empowered me to pursue that and let my strengths emerge.”

— Jamaica Noferini


I proactively pursue my own life goals. I commit to daily self-care and making time for things that feed my soul and make me feel like a hero.

I am not perfect, but I have chosen a path that allows me to thrive. This journey helps me always say “yes” to dreams and I love helping others find the way through their own transitions, to make their dreams a reality.

My personal calling, life experiences, and professional training work together to benefit my coaching clients to move toward their own well-being and sense of personal achievement.

Change need not be threatening. It can bring us new levels of excellence and enjoyment. When you are full of faith and receptive to growth, you are engaging in your life and evolving. You might fear risk or danger, but there is no way to avoid either – life comes with lessons no one can predict.

Each of us travels a different road. Whatever road you’ve traveled up until now, this is the time to truly claim a life of meaning and joy that is yours by right. You can break free of mediocrity. You can step into action and lead a life of success and contribution.


They are professionals who want to make a meaningful contribution across all facets of life including environmental, technical, and social. They are business professionals, entrepreneurs, social advocates, and high achievers. What Helene’s clients have in common is their desire to make a positive difference in the workplace and importantly, the world. They all perform at high levels, but for whatever reason, may feel stuck, overwhelmed, or unfulfilled.