Meet Helene.

I was born in Stockholm, however, left when I was 16 and since then have traveled and studied all over the world. I’ve lived in Copenhagen, London, the United States, the South of France, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Beirut. Wherever I go, I find myself having “key conversations” with the people I meet. Key conversations are those that go deep and wide. They can change minds and lives.

My out-of-the-box thinking frequently allows me to see opportunities where others can’t. That advantage has led to many professional successes. I’ve been proud to be a part of great organizations, where I had the chance to both lead and serve. In my supervisory interactions with professional men and women, I found that focusing on the possibilities of the future is far more impactful than the pain of the past. That’s what coaching does.

Although I didn’t know what professional coaching was at the time, the skill of asking powerful questions, active listening, and direct communication was a vital part of my key conversations. I also started following Tony Robbins in 2000 and did several courses.


The Journey

In 2007, I was formally introduced to the field of coaching. I instantly knew it would become a big part of my calling as a leader. Because health and fitness are so important to me, I became a Certified Fitness Coach, Group Exercise Trainer, Body Balance Trainer, TRX Trainer, Sports Nutrition, and Exercise Therapist. I loved my work and helping people become strong and healthy, transforming both mentally and physically.

A change I didn’t expect.

In 2015, my youngest son was diagnosed with cancer which forced me to stop working completely. It was a hard time of reflection and I came to realize that I wanted to make a genuine difference in this world. I wanted to help people become happy and healthy, starting from the inside out.

Together we become stronger.

Through my son’s treatment and recovery, my natural ability to push through hardship and boundaries was an advantage. During this time, I began International Coach Federation-certified training. I hired a professional coach to help me make a plan and develop a new vocation that matched my passion, natural abilities, and qualifications.

During this time of self-reflection, I found that being true to myself is what keeps me healthy and successful, something that had escaped me in the past. I realized the side of me that is a little weird, quirky, and thinks outside-the-box, is actually an asset!

My personal calling, life experiences and professional training work together to benefit my coaching clients to move toward their own well-being and sense of personal achievement.

Change need not be threatening. It can bring us new levels of excellence and enjoyment. When you are full of faith and receptive to growth, you are engaging in your life and evolving. You might fear risk or danger, but there is no way to avoid either – life comes with lessons no one can predict.


“You can have anything you want if you will give up the belief that you can’t have it.” – Dr. Robert Anthony

Personal Thoughts

Life is a continuous journey of discovery – there are ups and downs, joy and pain.

When we embrace change and learn from every experience this will help us grow and lead a fulfilling life.

Professional Life

I can help you uncover your strengths and discover your values in order to find alignment and purpose in your vocation. Encourage your growth by providing inspiration, feedback, and support. Hold you accountable for your progress and goals.



A few testimonials

Helene is direct and powerful and at the same time, compassionate and empathetic. I feel like I can trust her implicitly, talk to her about anything, and yet she will challenge me without breaking my trust. Her questions have jolted me out of my habitual thinking, and that’s been an amazing change for me.”

Diane Brooks, New York, USA

When you feel like you can no longer find the answers, or that you are curious as to what other possibilities exist in your life, look no further. When working with Helene, she cut to the chase approach makes it feel like you’re getting the most out of your time and is being heard. Helene’s outside opinion to show you other perspectives that you may not have been considering will have you leave wondering, how does it get any better than this?”

 Dylan Groman, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

On a weekly basis, Helene is on the other end of the phone. She is like an interactive reflective questioning diary. She creates a space for me to talk about what it is that want to do. Her systematic line of questioning opens up an awareness where I gain a much deeper clarity of thought. This allows me to take action with much more ease.
She’s a mirror of pragmatic thinking and planning, and she’ll save you a bunch of time to effectively create and achieve your goals. Whether you’re a politician, a postman, or in private equity, she’ll help you to paint a clear picture of your own reality. She’s great at what she does. Let her be a tool for you. I highly recommend it.”

Diane Brooks, New York, USA

Helene är underbar coach hon lyssnar, är ärlig och ser till att man ser saker från ett annat perspektiv. Mig hjälpte hon enormt med smarta direkta frågor som fick mig att tänka till på sätt jag aldrig gjort förut.. Jag blev gladare som person och kunde gå vidare och släppa saker jag burit på länge. Jag rekommenderar henne varmt.”

— ACecilia Nault, Tyresö Sweden