In her first book, Hoping and Coping: How My Darling Little Son and I Broke Free of Cancer, Helene Rennervik has written a moving account of how she and her nine-year-old son battled osteosarcoma – cancer of the bone – and came out the other side closer and more resilient. Helene is the first to tell you that cancer changes your life forever. In Hoping and Coping, you will see how Helene’s and Yousef’s lives changed in unimaginable ways. But she maintains you can look for love and beauty at any moment. You can find the strength within to do what you must do. You can change for the better: get closer to your child, improve how you communicate, and even learn to appreciate the richness of life because of your cancer battle.

Helene has used her precious love for her child and her background as a life coach to write a book that helps readers handle the wrenching cancer diagnosis and the ups and downs of chemotherapy.

In Hoping and Coping: How My Darling Little Son and I Broke Free of Cancer, Rennervik shows us how to allow cancer (or any difficult period in life) to inform and shape the future for the better. Readers will find an honest, direct, intimate, and sometimes heart-breaking story of one mother who lets us see her doubts and fears as well as her incredible strength. Helene has a spirited – and spiritual – approach to life’s worst moments. Hoping and Coping will help readers find their strength and spirit, too.

Helene drew from her coach training to care for her son and to create a powerful purpose going forward: to coach others who are going through heart-rending experiences to ask empowering questions and look for beauty in every moment. You will hear from Yousef too, as he shares uncanny wisdom, humor and advice for other kids going through cancer treatment.

Helene believes more research into childhood cancers is needed, and she is an advocate for after-care and coaching support for children and their families as they re-enter “normal” life after chemotherapy is over.

Hoping and Coping offer tools to envision hope and peace in life’s worst moments. The book includes guided meditations and other resources to help a parent soothe their child and give them a voice for their fears and questions.

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How To Use The Power of Questions To Get Through Anything by Helene Rennervik Coaching online consulting


Two years ago, my son Yousef, who was only nine years old, was diagnosed with cancer. Like any family would be, we were in shock. Our story is complicated – and probably so is yours. The purpose of this booklet is to speak to you about the universal experience of dealing with a child (or any loved one, really) who is very sick.

As a caregiver, you will go through so many emotions and be called upon to make decisions, handle heartbreak, answer unanswerable questions, and provide comfort when you are stressed, anxious and exhausted yourself.

When you aren’t able to sit in a support group meeting, or talk to a trusted friend, when your co-parent, partner, spouse or other support person is not by your side, these are tools to help you do what needs to be done: to move ahead with compassion for your child and yourself.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that this booklet gives you consolation and some tools to support you on your journey.

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In my supervisory interactions with professional men and women, I found that focusing on the possibilities of the future is far more impactful than the pain of the past. That’s what coaching does