Empower Your Passion


Burning passion?

To be empowered and fearless?

Coaching is a collaborative style of conversation that transforms and aligns your habits, beliefs, and perspective. You will fulfill your dreams and goals, whilst leading a satisfying life. During our coaching process, you will go through a journey of phases to reach your aim. As your coach, Helene is your co-pilot, sounding board, and confidante.

All coaching is completely tailored to you –

YOU determine the direction, phases of the journey, and the outcome. As your coach, Helene is the catalyst to help you achieve your goals and dreams faster.

The initial session will be 90 minutes and this can be held in person, via Zoom, or on the phone. This Foundation Session sets a solid starting line and measures for all future coaching.

Your coaching sessions will build momentum over time. Generally, clients sign on for a minimum of six months to work on a project or series of goals.


Following the Foundation Session, coaching calls take place by Skype or on the phone, two or three times per month for a 45-60 minute session. You choose the frequency and length of the session, aligned with your needs. Our coaching relationship is maintained for the entire month by email and voicemail follow-up.

Helene will coach you through the process in your search and quest to overcome the hurdles that prevent you from your goals. While the sessions themselves are incredibly powerful, the time in between is even more so. Between sessions with Helene, you will implement the strategies in your everyday life and begin to see the desired results!

Helene’s ultimate job as your coach is to move you to higher levels of performance and insure that you don’t burn out. You learn to step continually into a more successful and fulfilling life, at a pace that is sustainable for you. It’s so exciting to experience your life shift towards more of what you want.

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“The coaching journey with Helene allowed me to understand there is a range of possibilities. I think the greatest gift is to take the blinders off and be open to whatever comes. Life is not prescriptive. So opening yourself up to the fluid possibilities that align with who you are can bring unexpected and rewarding gifts.”

Natalie Tredgettr